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Man apologies on CCTV after he crashed into a woman’s home

On Monday morning, a man crashed his car into the bedroom wall of a home in Piara Waters. Homeowner Michelle Wood watched it all happen from the security camera linked to her phone. Fortunately, she was out of harm’s way in a coffee shop two hours away. “Scary, I was in a coffee shop in a country town working with a volunteer and watching it in real-time just not being able to do anything.”

A woman was kicked off a Jetstar flight after an unruly window seat argument

Passengers cheered and applauded when the woman was finally removed. The Australian woman was travelling from Phuket to Sydney when she started to complain about sitting near the aisle. In the video, she can be seen climbing out of her seat, grabbing her luggage and shouting “I’m out! I’m out!”

A woman spent $13,000 on a truck and found $50,000 worth of unclaimed packages inside

Hope Aleen from Utah spent $12,643 on a truck filled with unclaimed packages in the hopes of making her money back. In her viral YouTube video, she unboxed the packages and struck gold. The total cost of the items she found added up to $50,000 and included brand-name shoes, a Dyson vacuum and designer handbags.

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