Newsli: Cars, Kanye and Chickens

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 10:43 am
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Credit: Channel Nine

What do you have for breakfast? Yoghurt? Toast? A smoothie? Maybe just coffee? Well, every day on The Breakfast Show, Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon serve up a yummy, yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

An apartment building in Melbourne, has been crippled by a malfunction in the car lift. It dropped the car and broke the lift trapping the remaining 30 vehicles! Kanye West has officially filed to legally change his name to “Ye” because he doesn’t want to be associated with Kim Kardashian-West.

Because Kirste is sick, Dan and Leon asked the family for news stories happening in their local neighbourhood. Barbara reported she has a new family of chickens. Their breed is called “Light Sussex” so of course she named them after the Duke and Duchess. Their names are Harry, Markle, Lilibet and Archie. The news is that Harry has just learned to crow!

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