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What do you have for breakfast? Yoghurt? Toast? A smoothie? Maybe just coffee? Well, every day on The Breakfast Show, Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon serve up a yummy, yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

A return traveller in hotel quarantine, is in hot water after a drone was spotted delivering items to her balcony. The woman was fined after her friend tried to use a drone to deliver cigarettes while she was in hotel quarantine. “She was that desperate!”

Bruce Springsteen’s daughter, Jessica Springsteen, is going to the Olympics as an equestrian after she ranked fourteenth in the world in show jumping! “She says her parents are proud of her and I’m like of course they are she’s going to the Olympics.

The new James Bond movie has been  delayed for so long due to Covid. “In the time they have gone from creating the movie and releasing it the car doesn’t exist anymore! It’s been updated and changed so much that it’s not even gonna exist!

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