NEWSLI: A man returned his library book after 77 years

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 12:54 pm
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A man was confused after his cheese ‘exploded’.

The Re Store, in Leederville, sells European alcohol and food. One of their customers said they bought cheese from the store and it exploded. He posted a photo of the cheese and his burnt knife on Reddit. “Bought cheese from The Re Store and cut into it and it exploded. Burnt and broke my knife.” But he eventually realised what had actually happened. “Never mind, it wasn’t the cheese. We did an inspection and my friend accidentally cut through a cable underneath the cheese.” One person commented, “Hold on…your friend laid the cheese on top of a live wire and tried to cut through the cheese with a knife?” The Re Store also gave a clever reply, “We’re just glad everyone is OK. P.S we also sell cheese boards.”

The Guinness World Record for most cannonballs into a pool

A Belgian resort celebrated its 10th anniversary by breaking the world record for most cannonball dives into a pool. Over 300 people dived into the pool but only 298 followed proper cannonball form and were counted for the record.

A man returned his library book after 77 years.

Bob Jablonki was a student at James Ferris High School in Jersey City. When he was assigned to do a book report on a country, he picked Germany, so he borrowed the book ‘Hitler’ from the library. But the now 89-year-old wanted to clear his conscience. “I felt uncomfortable having this in my house knowing it was overdue.” The book would have racked up a $4405 fine, but Jersey City has abandoned late fees to encourage people to return books. 

Image: CNN

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