NEWSLI: A man has become the first person to run the width of Ireland

15 August 2022

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A man has become the first person to run the width of Ireland

Rob Pope from Liverpool has become the first person to run the width of Ireland, and it took him less than a day! He ran 217 kilometres, which is estimated to be a 42-day walk, in just 23 hours and 38 minutes. The 44-year-old works as a veterinarian and had previously only managed to run 120 kilometres in a day. But he wanted to challenge himself by completing a 24-hour run. “A lot of people wanted to know how I felt while doing it, my feet really hurt, wow, my feet REALLY hurt! I also listened to the entire U2 discography from start to finish.”

Image: Rob Pope

A lightning strike in Fremantle caused the closure of bars and cafes

South Fremantle’s most popular bars and cafes were forced to close over the weekend due to a lightning strike that destroyed a power pole. The pole spilt, spread debris across the road, and exposed some power lines. 

Image: WA Incidents Alerts

A retired couple has cracked the code to winning the lottery

Jerry and Marge Selbee accumulated $39 million over the past 9 years. In 2003, Jerry saw a brochure for a lottery game and spotted a loophole that would guarantee a win. He used their retirement money to test his theory and it worked! Their story has been turned into a film Jerry & Marge Go Large, starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

Jerry and Marge Selbee / Image: Getty Images

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