Across The Ditch: Best Penguin Awards?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 2:30 pm
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Every Wednesday, Mel and Jeziel get Asa Andersen on the horn all the way from New Zealand. As Jeziel’s younger brother, he brings them an askew view of the New Zealand news, and this week was no different.

This week it emerged that the New Zealand national Aquarium has a “Good and Bad Penguin of the month” system, with a public noticeboard to keep the public in the loop.

This month Betty was praised for her good swimming abilities and polite table manners. While Timmy was pulled up on his fish theft and rude attitude. The aquarium explained in a Facebook post that “Timmy was found injured on a beach in Hawke’s Bay unable to walk. But with treatment and visits from his own chiropractor he is able to walk again, although a bit wobbly at times”.

However, Asa did explain that Timmy copped a bit of a raw deal. As this is the first time the wall of shame has made the news, he’s now world famous for his bad behavior. While past offenders avoided the public humiliation.

To hear all about all the latest penguin news and more from New Zealand, check out the podcast below:

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