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Job interviews could be getting a face life this year with the ‘Love one interview’.

New research has shown a shift in the way Aussie workers evaluate their life and work priorities. Two-thirds of people admitted their view on the importance of family has changed since the pandemic. In light of this, employers are now giving prospective employees the option to bring their family to the interview stage. This will allow people to ensure the job is the right fit for them and their loved ones.

So, Jeziel wanted to know would you like your family to join you for a job interview? “I think it would be the worst thing! There is already so much pressure when you go for a job interview.” Grace would feel less nervous if her family joined the interview. “Having my family there would eliminate my fear of being interviewed so I am all for it!”

Holly thinks she wouldn’t get the job based on her family’s lack of time management. “Good luck trying to get my whole family in on time they are always late.” Joe thinks it would be even more humiliating if it doesn’t go well. “It would be so hard to forget. Especially if your whole family was there.”

Would you like your family to join you for a job interview? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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