New Life the Movie | Film Review

Monday, December 10, 2018 9:05 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Rating: PG (Mild Themes)
With laughter heard throughout the cinema, eyes being dried from tears & smiles on faces by those exiting the cinema New Life proved it can entertain, challenge while ultimately leaving the viewer still hopeful. Director, Drew Waters, manages to create something that feels more like a Hollywood Romance Drama than a small budget independent film while also leaving out the swearing & inappropriate scenes.
A fantastic supporting cast featuring performances from wonderful seasoned actors like Barry Corbin (One Tree Hill, The Ranch), James Masters (Smallville, P.S I Love You) & Terry O’Quinn (Lost, The West Wing). Also has a brilliant cameo from Bill Cobbs (The Ultimate Gift, Greenleaf), it is a small role but one that is integral, & he is perfect bringing to the role a sweet gentle strength.
For fans of the Nicholas Sparks films, like A Walk To Remember & The Notebook, you’ll enjoy the fresh, sweet, heartbreaking hopefulness in New Life. Although that genre is not something I personally enjoy I still found that New Life created moments real enough to feel the pain & joy of the characters. Just don’t expect it to feel completely accurate to life as there are some scenes, for instance, the lead couple’s fights that just don’t quite stay true to life, seriously though no-one gets over months of resentment quite that quickly & if they do I want to meet them to find out how! 😉
Only in cinemas until this Wednesday, New Life is a great date night film or get the girls together for a girl’s night out, just make sure you bring some tissues.
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