Everyday Impact: Nets for Nights Kenya Project

Thursday, June 3, 2021 4:33 pm
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Every 2 minutes a child dies of Malaria… a completely preventable disease.

Christie Fergusson from Hope’s Hill, an Australian charity supporting the “Nets for Nights Kenya Project” working to protect the vulnerable by providing insecticide-treated bed nets providing protection to children from deadly malaria-carrying mosquitos in Kenya. This region alone bears the burden of 94% of the 229 million cases of Malaria annually! 64% of those are children under 5.

Christie started this project only 12 months ago.

After visiting Kenya for the first time at just 17 years old, Christie dreamed of helping the people that lived there. “But life went on and I thought maybe I’m not supposed to help change the world”. Fast forward 30 years later to last January, Christie completed another lifelong wish of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Once she reached the summit she cried a lot and then realised “how brave was she”. She set her sights back on that love she had for the people of Kenya. Support the Nets for Nights Kenya Project here.

Christie wants to encourage you, take that leap of faith. It’s never “too late”. Check out the conversation Mike had with Christie Fergusson from Hope’s Hill and Kelley Chisholm from the Foxglove Project in full.

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