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Every day, The Brekky Show dig up a good news story to share with the family and actually, they’re really easy to find! There is so much goodness and positivity and kindness being shared during these crazy times, so we hope you’re encouraged by today’s story!

At the beginning of the lockdown, there was panic about buying, now that has settled down there is the worry that some people can’t afford to buy food.

So about a month ago, a woman named Lauren decided to put herself out there and do a good deed for her neighbours. She went across the road to her local park and to the BBQ shelter and decided to leave some essentials on the picnic table like baby wipes, spray ‘n’ wipe, eggs, coffee and milk. She thought that anyone who needed it could help themselves.

Every few days she’d look out from her front window, across to the park and check if anything had been taken. Nothing! It hadn’t been touched. This went on for a few weeks and eventually, Lauren became disheartened and even embarrassed. She thought it was a good idea but obviously her neighbours had thought “what moron has left all their shopping at the park?”

So a whole month goes by and Lauren decided to go and move the shopping, everything would be off by now anyway. She tried to stay positive and thought, maybe she just lives in an area where no one is in need, maybe this turned out to be a good thing.

So she went to the park and as she approached the picnic table she saw it was full, what a waste, but as she got closer she realised something.

It was full … but it wasn’t what Lauren left!

There was soy milk, coffee pods, cat food, biscuits, fruit and veggies, none of it was hers! It was other neighbours that had been filling up the table!

So this whole month she hadn’t checked the table because she was embarrassed, but it turns out, all along, Lauren had actually inspired some neighbourhood giving table. So take that lesson from Lauren, don’t be afraid to do something. Go on, put yourself out there, even if it makes you feel a little hesitant or uncomfortable, you never know where it might lead.

Have a listen below to Kirste sharing this story, then tell us what you think on our socials!

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