NDIS & Mental Health: Breaking it down

Thursday, February 11, 2021 1:58 pm
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CEO of Richmond Wellbeing Adrian Munro debunked some of the NDIS myths when he met with Mike this morning.

He said there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the scheme and who is eligible.

The NDIS was created to assist those with physical and intellectual disabilities, who needed life long care and services but what people may not realise is, Mental Health is considered a disability.

Adrian said he’s had many patients ask him, “why would I go on the NDIS? I have mental health issues, depression, personality disorder” etc. it’s not a “disability.”

Adrian’s tips for debunking NDIS and Mental Health:

  • Yes it has the word disability! But if you experience mental distress or mental health issues you can “absolutely” be eligable for the NDIS.
  • Just because your mental health fluctuates, it can still be considered a life long disability.
  • Get eligibility tested! If you’ve been diagnosed and accessing mental health services for years, it’s worth testing their eligibility.

He says many are unaware of the NDIS services provided to Mental Health sufferers.

To find out more about Richmond Wellbeing and the NDIS click here

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