25 Things to do in Spring; like build a bug hotel!

Monday, October 7, 2019 1:53 pm
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“We know it’s been spring for a while!” says Kath Healy from Nature Play WA. “But it’s the school holidays and we want to give people ideas.”

We see so many parents say they’ve “got a few things planned.” Nature Play knows that it’s hard to come up with ideas and most of them are expensive as well! So you may only do one or two or a few special things over the holidays. So we’ve put together 25 things to do in spring that are low or no cost.

Kath’s most looking forward to #17; making an insect hotel!

Hold on a just a spring-time minute, what is an insect hotel?

It’s a structure you make to put in the backyard to give shelter to bugs. Kath recommends an old rabbit hut, filled with different bricks and stones and cardboards. They can range from huge cabins to little boxes!

25 things to do in spring: build a bug hotel

25 Things to do in Spring:

1. Visit unique swim spots: see the Play in the WA section of our app to see our favourite places!
2. Picnic in your favourite natural place: watch the sun through the trees & enjoy the fresh spring air.
3. Camp overnight in your backyard. In the morning, listen to the birds welcome a new day!
4. Build a cubby from cardboard boxes and tree branches.
5. Make a miniature boat from seed pods, leaves and bark. Take it for a sail in a creek or lake.
6. Find a good sturdy tree and make a rope swing.
7. Take a photo of a tree at the start of spring and document its changes over the season.
8. Get together with your friends and go fly kites.
9. Build a vegetable patch and plant tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins or lettuce.
10. Build a giant sand person at the beach.
11. Make a necklace from dandelions or daisies.
12. Go bird watching; you might see babies in their nests. Just watch out for swooping magpies!
13. Find a flowering wattle and describe its smell.
14. Find a great hill for rolling or tobogganing down. Grab a cardboard box and slide away!
15. Dig in the garden for worms. How many can you find?
16. Collect natural things to make a hanging mobile or wind chime.
17. Make an insect hotel for your backyard.
18. Take your family on a bike ride and see how far you can go.
19. Collect fallen sticks and build a giant nest!
20. Build a birdbath from an old saucer, place it near plants and watch who comes to visit.
21. Go on a creature hunt. How many insects and bugs can you find?
22. Create a journal of pressed flowers from your garden.
23. Build a scarecrow for your vegetable patch.
24. Go beachcombing. How many cuttlefish can you see?
25. Visit as many nature playspaces as you can!

Download the Nature Play resource here.

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