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Every fortnight Kath Healy from Nature Play joins The Brekky Show to inspire us all the get outside and play!



This fortnight’s prescription from Nature Play: 2 hours a week of outdoor play.

“I’ve got the calculator out to break it down! says Kath Healy. It works out to just under 20 minutes a day. Or you could do an hour on Saturday or Sunday, however you want to do it.”

In an ideal world, Nature Play WA would see everybody outdoors every day! But they admit, that’s no quite practical, with work and school and sometimes the weather is just too wild.

So Kath is challenging us to take up the 2 hours a week challenge this fortnight.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous either. If you’re into sports and running, go for it! But even if you just sit outside and soak up all the sounds and sights, you’ll reap the benefits.

If you’re looking for ideas of how to get out into nature, check out NaturePlay’s newsletter coming out tomorrow – it’s full of upcoming events and resources. Nature Play also is about to launch a family-friendly digital walking trail.

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