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Yesterday was National Sorry Day. This is when we remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their families and communities.

Ian Hamm, Chair of the healing foundation stolen generations reference group, a Yorta Yorta man and a stolen generations survivor himself. He joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us more. The healing foundation was established after the apology by Kevin Rudd. Their role is to identify the needs of the stolen generations and provide suitable support and services. The reference group consists of people from the stolen generation who provide expert advice, from their perspective to the healing foundation. “So they can plan their policies and progress with the work they do.”

The trauma experienced by the stolen generation continues to affect future generations in the Aboriginal community. “So it has a tsunami effect. Traumatic events like this can actually trickle down to seven generations. So it. has a big effect on the Aboriginal community.”

To get to reconciliation Australians should understand the history. “This is part of the national narrative of Australia. So understanding the story of the stolen children demonstrates the maturity of Australians. We own the good parts, the bad parts and the ugly parts.”

How did you mark Sorry day? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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