National Reconciliation Week Wrapped Up

Thursday, June 3, 2021 2:25 pm
Reading Time: < 1 minute

National Reconciliation Week 2021 wraps up today. The theme for 2021 has been More than a word. Pastor Greg Little joined Bec and Jeziel over the phone to discuss what reconciliation means to him. 

Pastor Greg Little is a highly respected Noongar Elder and has faithfully served in Christian leadership for many years. He joins us to discuss the importance of this years reconciliation week.

Pastor Greg mentioned that reconciliation means,

“People coming together to be reconciled with one another”

It is an individual issue.  If we want to be reconciled we have to take a look within ourselves. It begins with us personally. Over the years we have looked at our leaders to reconcile. We need to come back and put it on a personal plate. Do we want to reconcile, do we want to be reconciled? If we don’t want to be reconciled and we except somebody else to do it for us then it won’t work.

“It needs to start with us”

Hear the full interview below:


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