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Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Turns out it’s true!

The 4 Core Learning Fundamentals include Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Emotions. So Education Specialist Natalie Nicholls, joined Mike to talk about how a healthy diet can help children learn. Our mind, brain, and body are all connected so anything that happens in our bodies has an impact on our brain function. The stress of school, work and our daily lives require a lot of energy. In order to function, our brain needs specific nutrients from food in order to perform our daily tasks.

“There’s so much demand that we put on our brains when we have to concentrate and focus on something. And if we don’t have the nutrients and energy to support it…we’re not going to be able to perform at our optimal level.”

The most important nutrients for optimal brain function include water and iron. A study in 2015, showed the association between water intake and cognitive control using a task that modulates concentration. Higher water intake correlated with a greater ability to focus on a task when concentrations demands are increased. Iron is needed for cognition and neurological motor and behavioural development. Although Iron is something our body needs each day most children are deficient.

Natalie also shared some of her Golden Rules to develop a healthier brain with nutrition.

  1. Eat a clean balanced diet
  2. Reduce processed foods
  3. Balance blood sugar

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