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Getting the family organised can be downright stressful.

Most parents would agree, getting the kids out the door in the morning is a mission! Are you dressed? Have you made your bed? WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?!

It’s a stressful daily occurrence for many parents. How can we make it easier?

Learning and Education Development Specialist Natalie Nicholls joined Mike for a chat on the Weekdays show.

Natalie’s Tips to establish a routine:
  1. Make lunches the night before
  2. Create a family calendar (on your phone or hardcopy)
  3. A responsibility chart

Charts are a great visual check list of a child’s responsibilities, but, keep it simple:

  • Group tasks into threes. Eg. Get up, get dressed, make your bed.
  • Get your child excited about the list. Laminate it, attach it to a clipboard.
  • Motivate eg. Incentive or reward.

“It’s tricky to get the right balance. Children in an environment that is too disorganised, can create a lot of stress and uncertainty. But on the opposite end of the spectrum where it’s too rigid, there’s less freedom and children are left wondering if they’re doing the right thing.” – Natalie

Natalie, (a Mum herself) admits she is not an organised person! But establishing a solid routine has kept the stress levels down at her house.

Natalie: “When we are stressed and anxious, it effects the brain and we are more likely to forget things.”

Ah maybe that explains why my son can never find his shoes in the morning…

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