Natalie Nicholls: Communicating with our kids

Friday, February 12, 2021 1:32 pm
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Education Specialist Natalie Nicholls was introduced to the 98five family this morning, chatting with Weekdays announcer Mike Crichton.

Natalie has a great insight into learning difficulties, and loves helping children thrive and learn.

Her passion for helping children with learning difficulties was sparked 15 year ago, after witnessing some children struggle in the classroom. Natalie also has 3 kids of her own.

This morning, Natalie talked Effective Communication between parents and kids.

Most parents can identify with this school pick up scenario:

Parent: How was your day? Child: Good.

Parent: What did you do? Child: Nothing much.


Natalie expressed the importance of good parent/communication and asking the right questions.

So how do we overcome this? Natalie has these suggestions:

  • Be specific with your questioning – eg. “What did you do after I dropped you off this morning?”
  • Feed back Sandwich – eg. Slice 1: Something great that happened today. Meat: Something bad or difficult. Slice 2: Another positive.
  • More than one child in the car? Take turns – allocate a day, that child goes first (eg. Monday-Charlie gets to talk about his day first, Tuesday Sarah gets to go first)

To listen to the whole conversation with Natalie Nicholls, click below.


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