Move over locals of Nannup, the emus are here to stay

Thursday, January 16, 2020 11:06 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

What are the most common things we wake up to? An alarm? a baby? maybe someone in the house has accidentally knocked something over? These are all pretty standard things to hear first thing in the morning. But what about being woken up by emus?

Well, in the South West country town of Nannup this has become the norm as a heck of a lot of emus have moved in. A mob of emu families have taken up residence in home gardens, caravan parks and even the main street. While most Nannup-ians enjoy having feathery neighbours, they leave a mess and have even been causing some traffic hazards.

Caravan Park owner Julia May says a family of 15 chicks and their dad stroll through the park, bang on 8 am every day!

The local government have had to step in and outline some safe, but harmonious practices for coexisting. These include not feeding them or approaching them, and if confronted, making loud noises and squirting them with a garden hose.

“Pretty emu-sing aye,” said Mike as he shared this story on the Summer Brekky show this morning.

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