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How do we help our children deal with their siblings?

Graham Irvine, from Kingsway Christian College, joined Mike to share some advice. He explained the importance of recognising the different personalities in your children. It’s vital because how a child operates is significantly influenced by their personality.

If you can name something then you can actually take control over it. It makes sense that younger siblings who can’t verbally express their emotions will react physically. “Our kids are born with emotions but they’re not born with vocabulary. So we can all recognise the scene where the young child without vocabulary is angry at their older sibling for doing something and so they pick up the brick and throw it at them.”

So as parents it’s important to help our younger children to recognise their emotions and name them. “As a parent if I can help my child use their words rather than the brick then I am actually equipping them with one of the most important skills they’ll have and that is the skill of dealing with conflict.”

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