Mustard on your feet is good for your health

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 8:23 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

By Corey Sutton

According to a recent health trend, the use of mustard seeds has huge health benefits. Breakfast host Kirste brought this article to our attention this morning and decided we should trial this on her fellow presenter Morro.

Before we address how this experiment on everyone’s favourite Aussie went, it would be naive of us not to at least acknowledge the health benefits this study conducted by conducted.

According to the article, mustard seeds are capable of:

  • protecting from gastrointestinal cancer
  • relieve symptoms of asthma
  • weight loss
  • relief in muscle pain
  • stimulates hair growth
  • lowers cholesterol
  • fights skin infections
  • improves immunity

Mustard feet 2

Morro however was less impressed with Kirste spreading American Mild Mustard on his feet, wrapping them in aluminum foil and then placing thick wool socks on top. Kirste too was not a fan of touching Morro’s feet. She was overly critical of his hygiene much to his chagrin.

An hour on and Morro reported no change in health status, but can we really conclude that this trend is implausible by using a standard supermarket mustard?

This author recommends using mustard seeds as the article instructed. What’s more, it might just be better to go to the doctor if you’re feeling unwell.

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