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Chela Williams | Music director

With a team of over 200 musicians and singers leading worship in 20 services a week in Sydney, it’s no wonder why C3 Music have been continuously writing and recording corporate worship music since the early 1980’s. With over 40 albums in the back catalogue, C3 Music’s latest release Abide is already #1 on the iTunes inspirational charts.

Creative minister and producer of Abide Jordi White says the greatest compliment the team receives is knowing that their songs are being used in worship services all over Australia.

C3 Music released Abide 2016

“We recently had some really great feedback from a lot of people around our latest album Abide,” explains Jordi.

“Nothing beats knowing the songs are being used to lead people into worship.”

Growing up in C3 Church Oxford Falls, Jordi believes the whole process of writing and production on albums is attributed to and covered by prayer.

“Not only do we begin and often end each writing or recording session with prayer, but we also have a team of prayers at our church who are consistently lifting us up around those crucial writing and productions stages,” says Jordan.

“Our prayer from start to finish on this one [album] was this; ‘when all is said and done, the songs are played out and released that people would listen to the album and not hear us but they would see and hear Jesus.’”

Having already produced previous albums with C3 Youth, Jordin concludes finding like-minded people to collaborate with will push songwriters to make songs better. Likewise when it comes to recording, producers can make or break any recording process.

“Remind people regularly that the only thing on offer in the creative/worship team is serving God,” says Jordi.

“Playing an instrument, leading a song or anything else for that matter is an honour that should not be taken for granted.”

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