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Tuesday, September 27, 2016 11:18 am
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Chela Williams | Music director

Since forming in 1997 and producing over 20 albums to date, it’s only appropriate that Melbourne-based worship band Planetshakers latest release Momentum is named after the undeniable force of consistent worship over the decades.

Worship leader and songwriter BJ Bridham credits Planetshakers Church’s momentum to the prophetic declaration from their senior pastor.


Planetshakers’ worship leader and songwriter BJ Bridham

“We found that as we partnered with Pastor Russel Evans in agreement with this declaration, we saw supernatural God momentum in people’s lives,” explains BJ.

“There was a great acceleration in so many individual and corporate situations that could only be explained by something we’d agreed with, that our Father wanted to accomplish here on earth. What a brilliant season it was!”

BJ joined the team over two years ago and is one of church’s many songwriters. His perpetual gift of song writing overflows to a passion to teach younger songwriters to write and produce songs for the season.

“One of my favourite songs which I wrote with my friend Joth [Hunt] is called Come Right Now. It’s a huge song that our congregation loves and it also seems to accomplish something powerful in our meetings,” says BJ.


“Another exciting thing is our young and upcoming writers really made a mark with the songs Face to Face and I Know Who You Are. We couldn’t be prouder of our writers who have worked so tirelessly to hone their gift to serve the body.”

Recorded live in Manila, Momentum became the band’s fourth Top 10 iTunes release. The EP also broke their own record as the longest staying album in the national chart than any other Planetshakers title making the recording in the Philippines that little bit sweeter.

“We love the Philippines! God is doing powerful things there and we’ve always felt a kindred spirit in regards to passionate expression of our love for God,” says BJ.

“Whenever we get together it seems to be a bit of a party for Jesus. We wanted to capture that and share it with the world.”


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