Mum Lyfe with Shannon: My teenager won’t stay in bed

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 11:38 am
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Shannon is having a few sleep issues, well not her personally, but Shannon feels like her boy has reverted back to a newborn.

If you have a new baby, you’ll know what Shannon means when she talks about that witching hour at night, where you just want to be done with parenting for the day but the kid just won’t sleep. They won’t stop crying or feeding, or there is the classic thud of a toddler hitting the ground, escaping from their crib.

“My middle child was fun”, Kirste said. “We counted one night and she literally came out of her room 64 times.”

“Oh yeah that was hilarious,” Shannon laughed. “It’s always funny when it’s not your kid.” So young mums here’s something to look forward to, “when they turn 14, they start doing it again…” Shannon warned.

So here is the issue: Shannon cannot get her 14-year-old son to stay in bed and it’s driving her crazy. While they’re young, there is a nice window for a few years where you can tell your kids to go to bed, and they just do. But then, they become teenagers and their little defiant teenage brains tell them they’re not tired.

“and don’t you dare say ‘how hard can it be?’ Mike!” Shannon cautioned Mike as he listened to her story. “Because it is hard! ”

Mike offered his advice anyway, apparently, it’s simple as setting a bedtime and cracking the whip. Now Shannon is a self-confessed disciplinarian, she loves a bit of whip-cracking. But she describes her sons as a few roosters and a lamb.

“So one of them, if I only had him I would have no content for this show, he is perfect. I’ll say ‘ok mate, go to bed’ and he’ll say ‘ok mum’. I’m telling you, he’s the Growing Kids God’s Way posterchild. The others… are a challenge.”

Shannon wants him to go to bed at 9 pm, so he’s asleep in a half hour and by 9:30 pm she and her hubby are done with kids. So Shannon wants to know, does your teenager have a bedtime? When do they stop having bedtime? Having a teenager is hard – please help! Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.

Have a listen to this weeks edition of Mum Lyfe on The Brekky Show below:

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