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Shannon joins The Brekky Show every Wednesday morning at 8 am as our resident Mum Lyfe correspondent! She’s here to share the good, the bad and the ugly as she parents her 3 sons with her hubby Dave.

Let’s clear up one thing first; Shannon does not like Star Wars. Now, if that statement offends you, the rest of the story is probably going to aggressively irritate you.

So here’s what happened. It was family movie night and as all mums do, Shannon sacrificed what she wanted for what her children wanted. You guessed it, they wanted to watch the latest instalment of Star Wars. Shannon reluctantly accepted, just happy to be spending time with her family. So they started the movie and it began. The intermittent pausing. Like mentioned before, Shannon doesn’t like Star Wars, she’s hardly seen it and definitely doesn’t understand it.

Mum Lyfe: Do you pause a movie for someone who doesn't understand it?

“I don’t know my Leia’s from my Ewoks!” Shannon remarked (which made Corey shudder).

Shannon explained that she couldn’t enjoy what she didn’t understand, so every so often she paused the film to make her family explain what was going. “Is he a bad guy?… Are they family? … How do they know each other?” While sharing this story with Kirste, Mike and Corey on The Breakfast Show she gave a shoutout to her hubby Dave.

“My husband Dave is a very patient man, but I could see him starting to bubble under the surface. He was going to lose it with all the pausing and constant chatter.”

So is it fair to pause a movie for someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on? Is it ok to talk through a movie to get an understanding of the story? After The Brekky team debated between themselves, they through it out to the Family to settle it. What is the etiquette when watching a movie?

Jeremy called up to give his opinion. He loves the Star Wars franchise so much that he’s introduced it to people who have never seen it before and he’s more than happy to pause and explain it. He argued that if you enjoy something, don’t you want the people around you to enjoy it to? Let us know your opinion, let’s talk on Facebook!

Maybe Shannon should get Jeremy’s number so that he can give her the rundown. Then she can go back and give Star Wars another go with her family!

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