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Shannon joins The Brekky Show every Wednesday morning at 8am as our resident Mum Lyfe correspondent! She’s here to share the good, the bad and the ugly as she parents her 3 sons with her hubby Dave.

“I love Jesus, so I’m not afraid of the virus… But I am afraid of having to homeschool my kids”, Shannon laughed.

In preparation for the potential of everyone having to be home together for a while… Shannon and her hubby Dave made a purchase. a new fridge.  Shannon says her Dave has a “touch of Mike about him”, he’s all about the fickle number counting, he likes the decimals, he loves a deal! They got the biggest fridge that would fit in their kitchen. It’s even one of those fancy ones where you can knock on the doors and then the doors turn see-through so you can inside!!

(what the heck!?)

So as they brought in the new appliance, she had to clean out the old one. What was interesting, was the selection of condiments that Shannon’s family had managed to acquire over the years. Including … horseradish from 2014.

A quick little detail to note is that her family moved house a few years ago. Which means she packed the horseradish from the old house and took it to the new one.

So, please, Shannon wants to know that she isn’t alone. What have you found in the back of the fridge? Go on, have a little look in the pantry or the fridge and tell us!

Neek from Mandurah called us up to tell us about how one day she was baking with her mum one day. Her mum pulled out some vanilla essence and said “oh, this was my mums.” Neek replied to her “MUM! Gran died the year before I was born!”

We heard so many hilariously shocking stories from The Family this morning, we could retell them to you OR you could listen to them first-hand below and watch the reactions from The Brekky Team!

Watch the whole conversation with Shannon and the Breakfast Team below, or skip to the 5 minute 30 mark to here the phone calls from the Family.


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