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“I’m a mum, I do a lot of washing. It’s safe to say, the laundry is my office.”

As a mum of three, you can probably imagine how much laundry Shannon has to do, but her boys don’t make it easy for her.

“They do this fabulous thing, where they wear something for five seconds and then put it in the washing basket.” Shannon remembered just the other day her youngest son, was just trying on his skinny black jeans before he took them off and added them to the laundry. Her oldest son wore one of his hoodies for just a few minutes before he got too hot and put it in the wash.

As a multi-wearer, this drives Shannon crazy. Obviously some things have to be washed after one wear, like jocks or a t-shirt, but jeans? “come on! Multi-wear!” Shan admitted to the family that she has a pair of jeans, perfectly fitting slouchy jeans, that haven’t been washed in three years.

“This is what the washing looks like. My three pairs of undies, a few of Dave’s (her husband) things, and then a pile the size of the new Woodside building for my boys.”

Kirste agrees with Shannon’s multi-wearing philosophy but her daughters are exactly like Shannon’s sons. When she asks them to sort of their washing, because folding items and putting them away is so hard, they just put them in the laundry basket!

“Because of the material, there are just some things that don’t need to be washed much,” said Kirste. “It’s even recommended not to wash jeans much because they fade.”

While on the other side of the studio, Mike couldn’t agree less. He believes that if something touches his skin, no matter how long it’s been worn, it has to be washed. He admitted he has even washed unworn clothes that have been in a suitcase with worn clothes.

“You’re not going to like this Mike,” Shannon laughed, “but I have a silk shirt that I’ve never washed. Not even dry-cleaned. I took it to Europe and never washed it. It smells like the Greek Island.”

So who has got the laundry laws right? Do you agree with Kirste and Shannon, or are you more like Mike? Text us, email us or send us a message on socials, we’d love to hear from you!

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