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Shannon always knew her life was like a movie, she just didn’t think that movie would be Home Alone.

It’s actually very stressful. Because unlike the characters in that film I’m aware that I possibly have to leave a child home alone. They were oblivious.” Shannon and her family have been planning a trip overseas for years, which was cancelled several times due to Covid and border closures. They were finally able to organise the trip for this school holidays. But there is one small problem, her son’s passport hasn’t arrived. 

His passport had expired so she ordered a new one in May. “Seventeen weeks later and I am still waiting.” She has done everything she could to make sure the passport arrives soon. But with a week left until their trip, she is battling with the very real possibility that she will have to leave her son behind. So this morning on Brekky, she wanted to know if have you been left behind.

Alastair, his three brothers and his mum were travelling to America. The police needed to take their seats for a prisoner transport so they were upgraded to business class. But there were only four seats available so he and his brothers played rock paper scissors to determine who would be the unlucky one left behind in economy. “At least they gave a business class meal to the brother in economy.” 

Rebecca and her family were on a road trip. Her dad stopped at a petrol station to refuel while Rebecca and her sisters went to the bathroom. Her little brother said he would wait in the car. But without anyone knowing he ducked to the toilet and his family left without him. They drove 15 minutes up the road until they realised he was missing! “He was literally standing on the edge of the highway looking up and down the road waiting for us to come back for him.”

When Caroline was little, she and her little sister did gymnastics. Her neighbour came to pick them up along with some friends. But once she got home she realised her sister was missing. Her little sister, who was only 5, walked 2km at night to their grandma’s house. “We still talk about and we still laugh about it now.”

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