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Bec found an article about a mum fuming as teacher demands whole class be invited to son’s party or he’ll lose recess.

A parent claims her son’s teacher recently overstepped a boundary, insisting that she change her son’s birthday party plans – and threatening to take away his break time if not.

She explains that the teacher demanded the entire class be invited to celebrate the boy’s birthday. However, the issue is, that due to the size of the mum’s house, she reckons it wouldn’t be possible to fit that many children in her home.

She wrote: “Basically, my son is in first grade (Year 2 in England) and his birthday is next week. We live in a small apartment, so I let him invite five friends. He was super excited, and I send out invites to the parents over social media, all was good.

“He and his friends were talking about it in class because they were obviously excited, and his teacher overheard and sent me an email Monday afternoon basically telling me that the class rule for parties is similar to Valentine‚Äôs, bringing treats, etc., in that you have to invite the entire class.

We had to ask the family, is this ok for the teacher to have done?

Louise gave us a call and she reckons that if she likes Bec and Jeziel she should be invited to their Christmas parties just not feel left out. She thinks it is absolutely absurd what the teacher is requesting.

Tamara also gave us a ring and she thinks that the teacher needs to mind their own business as some people might not get along.

Hear the full chat below:

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