Multivitamins: Getting the Balance Right

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 1:20 pm
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Naturopath Melanie Jaye from Eden Naturopathy talked the importance of Multi-vitamins during her chat with Mike this morning.

It’s a topic of contention, Mel says, “people often say to me, my diet is fine, I don’t need one (multivitamin), but then I ask are you really eating five serves of vegetables a day?”

Melanie says there are numerous health benefits to multivitamins including, “helping with general well-being, fatigue and on-going stress.”

Choosing a multivitamin suitable for our own needs can often leave us scratching our head, particularly when faced with a wall of vitamins in the Super Market or Health Shop. Then we start questioning whether this bottle of vitamins is going to make a difference.

Melanie says, “don’t buy the cheapest, you’ve got one body, you want to take care of it. I would rather someone spent more money, bought a better product, which has better ingredients and nutrients and is absorbed better.” If money is an issue “use it every second day.”

Yes age is a factor when choosing a multivitamin.

Mel says, “children and adolescents have different needs from the elderly, while women and men require different multis as well.”


Listener, Connie queried the correct multi-vitamin for women in their 40’s. Mel replied, “we all know we need the B Vitamins but for women specifically I’d be looking at a multivitamin with a little bit of iodine, this is going to help with hormonal support and PMS. Iron as well, “many women of all ages need to be looking at their iron status.”

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