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Beechboro Primary School recently unveiled their new multicultural mural, showcasing the large diversity at their school. The mural’s aim celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the school community.

Bec and Jeziel spoke to the principal of the school, Leonard Christie about the purpose for this mural. They started painting the mural at the start of the school term and only finished now.

“We wanted to have a sample of children from the main ethnic groups, faiths or non-faiths and countries of origin”

The mural is about 9 metres wide and as high as 5 metres and it can be seen across the school oval.  It showcases 7 students from different diverse groups.

The students and their families’ backgrounds featured in the mural are:

  • Fatima / Iraq
  • Bhargav / India
  • Coral-Eve / Maori
  • Kitarnia / Indigenous
  • Jacob / Philippines
  • Indie / European
  • Isaiah / African

You can have a look at the video here.

Hear the full interview below:


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