Mother in Law Gift ideas and Advice for Christmas

Friday, December 14, 2018 11:32 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we all know, Christmas is only 11 days away. As the big day approaches Summer Brekky host Tama is getting slightly more concerned as he doesn’t know what to buy for his girlfriend’s mum. Tama and his girlfriend Rachel have been dating a while, things are going great and are pretty serious. This is the first Christmas that Tama will be spending with Rachel’s family. Usually, he’s away or they’re away so he has a conundrum. What does he buy for his potential future mother-in-law for Christmas? His original thought was a pod-floating-spa treatment but he’s not 100% convinced.

He put it to the family and here are some of the suggestion he received.

  • Daniel from Mullalloo says We think to get her a gallah or some sort of pet.
  • Spa or massage vouchers mate!!
  • Sunnies.
  • Liz from Canning Vale says Hi guys love to all but Sorry no pod, better a facial or massage.
  • Peter from Secret Harbour suggests a Broom (cheeky Peter!)
  • Sheree thinks “Just show her you’ve put some thought into it. A book, a bottle of her favourite wine, some chocolate and a coffee voucher.”
  • Jade from Wanneroo says an orchid or a hamper is also a great idea with apple cider or essential oil diffuser.
  • Lisa from Rossmoyne loves the idea of the floating spa day. As a mum, she would never buy that kind of thing for her self but would love the opportunity to try something new.
What do you think family – what should Tama get his girlfriends mum? Is there any other advice he should know?
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