Morro’s phone-reading-glasses hack

Thursday, September 5, 2019 11:58 am
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Morro and his wife Bec have been looking for an Italian restaurant that they can make “their local”.  So last night was date night and Bec found a little place in Guilford. They met the propietre, Salvatore, saw all the photos of his family that he’d hung on the walls, it was a gorgeous little Italian tapas place, fantastic. “Well done babe” Morro said to Bec.

So they sit down and Morro realises he’s forgotten his reading glasses! He’s new to this whole glasses-wearing behaviour because he’s only needed them since his cataract operation. He only needs them to read but he’s not used to carrying them everywhere.

“The menu was teeny-tiny little print and with the soft mood lighting, I couldn’t read it! Bec was going to have to read me the whole menu… But then I had a brain wave!”

Morro pulled out his phone, took a photo of the menu and enlarged it! It was like a mobile magnifying glass.

He wants to know, is he a genius? Is he the only one who has thought of this? Or are their other smart cookies out there?

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