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Morro joined Kirste and Dan this morning for June Appeal to share what 98five means to him by comparing it to the footy!

The last 12 months have caused things to rattle, shake and due to Covid. But those who have hope in God will have their strength renewed. “The ethos of this station is built upon that premise that foundation It’s a hope that is unmoving. If you have that hope you can share it.”



Morro compared it the footy “You know it’s like you can put your hope in footy but at the end of the day win, lose a draw it’s not going to change your life. So what’s your hope in your hope is in the Lord. 98five that is the guts of the message”

For over 30 years, we’ve been speaking life and hope into thousands of lives across Perth. Hope can be a song, a word, a voice. At 98five we’re committed to broadcasting the positive message of hope all day, every day. You can show your support for the radio station that supports you by donating.

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