What this mum said made Morro stumble

Thursday, August 15, 2019 4:11 pm
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Morro in nepal

“This one really got me… we met a mum holding a baby and Kirste said to her ‘your baby is beautiful’ and she turned around and asked ‘…is she?’ Because she can’t see her. ‘Is she beautiful?’ she asked.
When you have a baby, how much time do you waste just staring at them? You don’t do anything else! Could you imagine not being able to see your baby?” – Morro

You could make a miracle happen, for just $33 someone in Nepal will receive life-altering surgery and get their eyesight back!

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Are you wondering what all this is about Miracles Day? Wondering why The Breakfast team are in Nepal?

If you aren’t familiar with CBM’s Miracles Day, it’s very simple. Unfortunately in less-developed countries, a simple surgery like a cataracts eye operation is not as affordable or accessible as it is here in Australia. For just $33 you can give someone sight-saving surgery. On average, this operation takes just 12 minutes but changes the person’s life. The Breakfast Show have flown to Nepal to meet the people receiving these operations and share these stories with us back in Perth.


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