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Paul “Morro” Morrison spends his last week in breakfast radio at 98.5 Sonshine FM this week. After 8 years of early mornings leading the breakfast team Morro has realised that trying to do breakfast radio, be the full-time Chaplain at West Coast Eagles and spend time with his family isn’t sustainable.

Earlier this year Morro accepted an offer from West Coast Eagles CEO Trevor Nisbett he couldn’t refuse. After 10 years of volunteering as Chaplain, they wanted him to be part of the club full time. Morro still loved breakfast radio with the 98five family. So for the last 6 months he has tried to continue breakfast radio with Kirste and Corey in a reduced hours capacity. For those that know Morro know he’s a 100% commitment kind of guy. It became evident to the team and himself that he couldn’t do both roles to his high expectations.

“I love radio, especially with Kirste and Corey. I could easily keep doing it for a long time but I really feel that West Coast Eagles is where I am meant to be. I love the club and a chance to journey with so many amazing people including the players, coaches and staff” Morro said. “Being the first full funded full time Chaplain of an AFL club is a special first in Australia which shows the impact Chaplains can have at elite sporting clubs. I love that I can hopefully forge a way for others in Chaplaincy”.

“I won’t miss the early mornings. But I will miss the team, the 98five family, the CBM Miracles trips, the Free Coffee Fridays and the hundreds of stories from listeners of how we were a part of their hope journey, and in small and big ways made a difference in their lives. It has been a special privilege. I wanted to make this last week on breakfast a great one with the 98five family.”


We have been flooded with messages from the Family to Morro. So thank you to everyone you have helped make Morro’s final week one to remember.

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