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Morro is a passionate farmer. Born and raised in Pingelly, there is no doubt he’ll be buried there too.

It’s no surprise, despite his city living lifestyle, that he is still abreast of everything farm related.

It shouldn’t shock you that live sheep export is an issue that really gets his goat.

Not in the way you anticipate though.

Kuwait recently announced to Australia that if we won’t export live animals to them, they will look elsewhere to fulfill their demands.

Some of the alternative countries that Kuwait are looking at are Romania and South Africa. However, these countries do not have animal welfare policies up to the same standards as Australia.

Morro understands the plight of animal welfare activists, but Morro is also aware that no one cares more for their sheep than farmers.

At the end of the day, these countries will continue to export live sheep because it is required for their religion.

So why would Australia financially shoot itself in the foot by losing one of our biggest exports?

You can listen to the full Farm Chat on Brekky with Kirste and Morro below


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