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Monika Kos has been one of our most loyal Radiothon guests, she’s been joining us for appeal weeks for over 10 years! She still remembers when she came here (our current studios) when it was brand-spanking new. She says she was blown away with all the technology.


As Monika is a 20 year veteran in Australian media, Bec asked her why she thinks 98five is so important.

Monika went on to say she believes 98five is so important because it’s independent. “You can go out on a limb and take risks and really represent the community. You’re not so heavily governed by ‘commercial interests’ “. This gives us a certain freedom which Monika believes is important and needs to be protected.

“You are our radio station really, at the end of the day, we ‘own you’ to a certain degree because you listen to us and you respond to us and the information we send to you. So I think you’ll grow and you’ll grow with the community and that’s really important.”

Monika has not only noticed the role that 98five has played in Perth, but she sees the potential that 98five could have in regional WA if we can acquire the broadcasting licenses that have recently become available in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Northampton, Bruce Rock and Bridgetown.

“Radio out in regional WA is their lifeline. Radio goes with them everywhere, here we take it for granted as we’ve got so many stations to choose from. When you’re in regional WA your radio is absolutely your lifeline. So if you can get out there and represent those small communities, that would be just wonderful.”

We want to be a voice for them, when they’re lonely at night or when they’re out working during the day. But, we need your help to do it family! Help us grow The Family out in rural WA and give to Radiothon 2019!

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