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Back in February I went down to Busselton with the QBC crew to swim in the annual Jetty Swim. As a family (well, Ellie, Sam and I), we started training mid December when we headed off on holidays, so by the time the event came around we could all manage swimming a kilometre with no trouble.

On the day of the event there were no real nerves and even though the swell was up and the water was cold we all got our bit done fairly easily. Sam and I swam the second leg for our teams and Ellie did the final leg. None of us set any records, but once it was finished we looked at the jetty differently.

Sam was the first to say it, “I reckon I could swim the whole thing, Dad”. As we chatted, we realised we all felt we could probably do it — admittedly with a little more training.

If you had of asked me prior to the weekend if I thought I would be able to swim out and around the jetty I probably would have laughed. It’s 3.6kms — a fair swim by any stretch and well beyond me.

But having done one part of the swim and seen other people complete it, I think we all realised it’s quite achievable. If we were willing to give it a go. If we could get beyond the mental conditioning that had made us think it only for the elite.

It made me wonder how many challenges I fail to pursue because I have already written them off as ‘too difficult’, or how many opportunities I have miss because I just can’t visualise myself getting there…because I have cast myself in a certain mould or because fear or laziness have taken hold of me.

Sometimes you just have to jump in, get started and then along the way discover you are more capable than you realised. Of course it may not all go to plan, but that’s still a lot more fun than not even bothering.

So what’s the opportunity you are fudging on because you can’t see yourself pulling it off?

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