Miss NAIDOC is redefining beauty pageants

Thursday, March 10, 2022 10:55 am
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Shannon McGuire, Co-Founder of Miss NAIDOC and 2022 women’s hall of fame inductee: culture category, joined Lockie for International Women’s Day.

She was grateful to be nominated by her peers who have been with her for 12 years. “I have some amazing people around me that recognised what I was doing.” In 2009, she competed in the Miss Universe contest. “It was an amazing experience for me and changed the way I thought about myself as a person and an Aboriginal woman in Australia.” Although she wasn’t successful in this competition, it led her to start Miss NAIDOC along with Glenda Kickett.

Wanting it to be more than just a beauty pageant, she set up a leadership program. Which covers intergenerational trauma, Indigenous constitutional recognition and closing the gap. “It’s a program created by Aboriginal women for Aboriginal women.The program has made a positive impact on the young women who participate. They are and better equipped to support their families, community, and other young women

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