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Miss Galaxy Australia 2019, Alicia van Schoonhoven is a young lady who looks to have it all. A bachelor’s degree, a successful modelling and pageant career (with the sash and crown to boot).

But like many others, there was more bubbling under the surface. In light of Mental Health Week, Alicia joined Mel in the studio to share her own journey with mental health. While studying, Alicia struggled with anxiety. But one day after a seemingly minor argument with an acquaintance,  Alicia suffered a breakdown. After consulting with friends, she made appointments with a couple of counsellors. Unfortunately, the first counsellor didn’t prove to be a good fit. “It was just someone who was quite a bit older, who didn’t understand the issues I was dealing with as a 20 year old girl”.

Miss Galaxy talks about her own mental health struggle

Miss Galaxy Australia visit Mel on The Drive Show

Despite the setback, Alicia persisted with her second appointment, this time with the not-for-profit Headspace. After a positive experience, Alicia’s mental health has improved in leaps and bounds. She has since completed a Bachelor of Health Science, and as part of her role as Miss Galaxy Australia, she is focusing on mental well being.

To hear all of Alicia’s story and more, check out the podcast below:

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