Miracles Day with CBM
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Once a year christian radio stations from all across Australia get together to rally behind the work of CBM for Miracles Day. On Miracles Day, Australians are asked to give a $33 ‘Miracle’ to give
sight-saving surgery to someone living in poverty.

What’s A Miracle?

A Miracle is a $33 gift that gives someone blind from cataracts the simple 12-minute sight saving surgery needed to restore their sight.
Blindness to sight in 12-minutes… a Miracle.

This year, the Brekky Team are in Vietnam meeting these people, the poorest of the poor suffering from these cataracts rendering them unable to work and even shunned from their communities and families.

About 20 Million people in the world are blind from cataracts and 90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries, while in Australia cataract surgery is simply covered by Medicare.


Your $33 and a 12 minute surgery can change a life, give the miracle of sight here.

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