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This Thursday is 98five’s Miracle with CBM. For only $33 you can restore the sight of someone living with cataracts in a developing country.

Kirste and Dan had a chat with Michi Nombrado, Senior Communications Officer for CBM. “I help with the internal and external communication activities of CBM. But I also get to join activities like Miracles day.”

Each August when people across the country rally together to give the miracle of sight saving surgery in the world poorest places. “In the Philippines, we get to be in the communities and follow people being gifted with sight.” Michi has visited the impacted communities and is always in awe how a person’s life can be changed in just 12 minutes. “The impact is not just for the person but the whole family. It truly is a miracle.

You can donate a $33 dollar miracle today and make a life changing impact on someone suffering from cataracts. Listen to the full chat below!

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