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This Thursday is 98five’s Miracle with CBM, where for $33 you can restore the sight of someone living with cataracts in a developing country.

Allison Dean, CBM’s Director of Public Engagement joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us more. Allison has witnessed many sight restoring surgeries and says they are truly life changing. “I met this man Enrico…he was just sitting there feeling like he couldn’t do what he wanted to do for his family. He knew that 12 minute operation could restore his sight.”

Allison’s mum had cataract surgery but it was a much simpler process. “She would go in get this surgery then come out. Her biggest problem was when she looked in the mirror and said Alli I look so old!” In Australia, cataract surgery is simple and affordable , but for people in developing countries it is not so easy.

If your thinking of donating, it only costs $33 to for one surgery. “$33 is not a lot of money for many of us…It is about looking at what you can afford and think that much money can give somebody sight saving surgery.

You can donate a $33 dollar miracle today and make a life changing impact on someone suffering from cataracts. Listen to the full chat below!

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