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Next Thursday is 98five’s Miracles Day with CBM. For only $33, you can restore the sight of someone living with cataracts. Jane Edge, the CEO of CBM joined Bec and Jeziel to talk about the cause. miracles day

Miracles day has been running for 9 years and the Australian community has enabled almost a quarter of a million sight saving surgeries. Jane Edge has witnessed a lot of these surgeries, and said they are life changing. “I’ve sat with patients who are nervously waiting for that surgery. Have travelled a long way sometimes. The next day that patch comes off, and the joy and the sense of being able to see again is just powerful…For $33 the difference you can make is phenomenal.

This year a number of countries are being supported such as Bangladesh, The Philippines and Indonesia. Due to Covid restrictions, they want to help continue the surgeries wherever it is needed. “It’s certainly a challenging time. A number of countries in our region are a priority for us in terms of where we want the support to really have an effect.

For only $33 you can restore the sight of someone living with cataracts and make a life changing difference. If you would like to find out more you can visit their website. Listen to the full chat below!

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