Only $32 restores someone’s sight

YOU can make Miracles happen

Join thousands of others around the country in restoring sight to people living in the poorest places as part of 98five’s Miracles Day with CBM Australia on Thursday 17 August. 

This year, we’re aiming to raise 30,000 miracles across Australia to go even further and restore sight — and hope — back to the people who need it most; people like Aljon living in poverty with cataract blindness.

Aljon’s never known what it’s like to see his sister, or see his family’s home. He’s been almost blind from cataracts since birth.  He only sees a hazy outline of shapes and the difference between light and dark.

He loves to record his voice on the radio and then listen back to what he sounds like. It’s his way of recognising himself.

Aljon finds it hard to make friends at school and often his teachers lose their patience when he can’t see the board or the paper. He usually just sits quietly on the edge of the classroom by himself. Recently, he’s stopped school as he couldn’t keep up because he couldn’t see well enough.

But Aljon’s mother dreams of a brighter future for him, and his sister – who was also born with cataracts.

“I want them to finish their studies and then I want them to reach their dreams and ambitions in life.”

Now that he had the opportunity to undergo surgery to restore his eyesight, Aljon’s future looks bigger and brighter.

He smiles as he says “Thank you Australia!”

Watch the video. Share it. Join us.

Just $32 can help expert surgeons delicately remove the cloudy cataract lens and replace it with a new, clear one that will restore sight for life!




In as little as 12 minutes, someone can be taken from darkness to sight! That’s why we call them Miracles — and you can help make them happen.

Only $32, one person’s sight will be restored but an entire community will benefit.

Miracles Day history

It started as a simple idea four years ago. What if Australian Christians joined together for one special day to give the miracle gift of sight to people living with cataract blindness in the world’s poorest countries?

The idea quickly caught on.

“It’s astounding to think that cataracts are the world’s leading cause of blindness in middle and low income countries, making up almost half of all blindness, and yet they can be removed with simple surgery,” says CBM Australia CEO Jane Edge.

“Around the world, CBM works with medical professionals to restore sight.  It only takes $32 and a 12 minute operation to remove cataracts and give the gift of sight to someone.

“Cataract blindness would pose challenges for any of us, but it is particularly devastating for those living in developing countries — where there are often fewer resources to support people with vision impairment and higher stigma regarding disabilities. This leads to more people becoming vulnerable to extreme poverty.”

“On Miracles Day, for just $32, Australians can give someone the gift of sight.  For that person, being able to see again is a miracle,” explains Jane.

  • In 2016, Australians gave 27,680 people the Miracle gift of sight.
  • Cataracts are the world’s leading cause of blindness in middle and low income countries, making up almost half of all blindness.
  • Around 18 million people in the world are blind from cataracts.
  • Around 90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries.
  • Every day, CBM International is working in 59 countries around the world to empower people living with disability in the world’s poorest countries, breaking down the barriers that stop them from reaching their full potential.
  • In low income countries, people living with disability are often unable to access basic rights and services and are often excluded from employment, and social and community activities.
  • Without these opportunities, people with disability often fall deeper into poverty. Globally, CBM works to break this persistent cycle. Disability and poverty go hand in hand, so we tackle them together.

To learn more about how vision impairment impacts the poverty cycle, download the Cataracts and poverty Facts Sheet Final 2017.

Listen to Miracles Day via 98five’s online player on download our iOS/Android app on Thursday 17 August and donate your miracle today to change a life forever.