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Millennials have killed the top sheet as they boast about getting rid of them for good in favour of a fitted sheet and doona.

On The Drive Show, Bec and Jeziel love to conduct their own surveys. This week they wanted to find out if Millennials really don’t use a top sheet. Bec and Jeziel, who are both millennials, use one but have different opinions. Jeziel loves using it. “On those hotter nights I can kick the doona off and still have something on me. I need to have something over me to sleep.” However Bec would be happy to get rid of it “I wash my doona cover as much as I wash my sheets.” Jeziel also asked around the 98five office “A lot of the people here, under 25 do not use a top sheet.”

They reached out to listeners to participate in their own poll, yes no or only in the summer and the results poured in. A lot of people had strong opinions on the importance of a top sheet while others were happy not to use one. The final results showed that the statistic is true and Millennials have killed the top sheet.

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