Mike visits Homeless Connect 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016 1:02 pm
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Leon Piper | Mornings producer

Statistics say there are up to 10,000 homeless people in WA alone. With numbers like these, it’s difficult to think how homeless people gain access to some of society’s most basic services.


Homeless Connect Perth is a day each year when our city’s homeless people can visit a designated location and be provided with clean clothes, showers and haircuts. In addition, a host of service providers such as doctors, dentists, churches and representatives from the registry of births deaths and marriages also attend.

Mike broadcast live from the event, which was closed to the general public, and spoke to a selection of fascinating people offering heartbreaking and heartwarming stories.

Tina Williams

Tina Williams is the CEO of Volunteering WA, and is responsible for organising the event. She covered the day’s expectations and touched on the history of Homeless Connect in Perth.

Podcast: Volunteering WA CEO Tina Williams on Homeless Connect Perth


Owen has faced a life of challenges, from struggles with alcohol to personal tragedies. In a truly touching chat that brought both Mike and himself to tears, Owen opened up about how he turned his life around, and who he had to thank for it.

Podcast: Owen tells Mike how he turned his life around (part 1)

Podcast: Owen tells Mike how he turned his life around (part 2)


Sean spent many years in and out of prison as a young man. After a tough childhood, his life appeared to be in a downward spiral. One day in prison he heard the song One Day I’ll Fly Away by Nicole Kidman on 98five — a song changed his life, and from then on he resolved to make a positive change and turn himself around.

Podcast: Sean shares his life-changing story


Caitlin is a first-time volunteer at Homeless Connect Perth. She took the day off work to help out with this valuable cause and filled Mike in on what the day is like for a volunteer, and her motivation for giving her time.

Podcast: Caitlin discusses volunteering for Homeless Connect Perth

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