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On the back of reconciliation week, Allan Tranter from Creating Communities joins Kirste and Morro to continue his conversation about reconciliation in the community in terms of migrants.

Last time he was on the show, Allan encouraged listeners to investigate their ancestors journey to Australia – what were the circumstances that lead to leaving their country of origin?

For Allan, courage is the common characteristic in all of these choices to leave the known of home, to the strange unknown of Australia, and we need to acknowledge this courage to make this choice.

Tragically, their are more displaced people in the world currently than in any other point in history. Courage is a quality that these people all over the world have needed to cope with the situations they find themselves in.

Apart from our first nations people, Australia is the land of migrants. We all came here for one reason or another, so Allan has challenged us to seek out people who have made the journey to Australia recently. That we need to talk to them, admire their courage, and ask them to tell you their story, and in turn, share our own.

Showing this interest in them will not only mean a lot for them, but also for you.

Reconciliation is about understanding; understanding ourselves, and understanding others. Once we begin to understand, we can begin to forge a respectful relationship.

So how do we get out of our bubble and meet different people?

Allan recommends finding a neutral space: libraries, churches, schools, community centers are great places to do this.

If you are walking down the street, say hello, introduce yourself, and talk to them a little bit more when you start seeing someone regularly.

Show that you appreciate them, and show you want to understand more.

We generally admire people of courage, so lets show we understand they have shown courage to make their journey here for one reason or another, and reach out with a simple hello.



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