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Sometimes we get to the middle of the week and think “please, get me to the weekend!” There’s something about the midweek struggle that really gets to us. Luckily, Perth is full of awesome pastors and leaders bubbling over with wise words. So we get them on The Classic Drive Show for some Midweek Motivation!

Rory Shiner from Providence Church has got an observation for us.

Have you noticed that when people ask “how are you going?” the default response has become “busy”? Sometimes, people even ask “how are you going? busy? without giving you the chance to reply.”

Rory doesn’t deny that our lives are busy, but it comes up so much.

“But I’m thinking, people want to be busy, to be perceived as a ‘hustler’, because that’s how we justify ourselves.”

When someone asks us how we are, let's do better than reply with "busy"

Because what’s the alternative to that, if I say “I’m not too busy, I’m actually going alright” does that create a vulnerability for people to judge and ask “well, what are you doing then?”

Rory is concerned that if we keep feeding this trend of “being busy” we’ll create a culture where we’re only worthwhile if we’re run ragged and he thinks we can do better than that. Especially in a Christian context, our worth doesn’t come from “hustling”. It’s quite the opposite, the bible, in many occasions, highlights the need for rest and trusting in God and waiting for him.

So Rory wants to say to you, the family, our friends and our culture – you don’t need to be busy! Instead of replying “busy” when someone asks us how we are, share about your relationships, what’s thrilling you at the moment, we can do better than that.

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